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Forward Fashion: An Interview with Abigail Glass

OUT OF ORDER sits down with up-and coming-fashion designer Abigail Glass. Currently enrolled at Rhode Island School of Design, Glass tells OOO about her new lines and what to expect next.

April 26, 2012
Film & Television, RISD, Unis

Obey the Giant: Filmmaker Julian Marshall on Bringing Shepard Fairey to the Big Screen

Julian Marshall, a senior studying film at RISD, is taking Shepard Fairey’s iconic “OBEY GIANT” graphic design campaign and adapting the story into a short film. Marshall’s project has already raised funds through online funding platform Kickstarer, and we talk to him about his relationship with Fairey, his plans for the project and his future in film.

April 26, 2012
Music, Unis, Yale

Life is a Musical: Jamestown, The First Town In America

Meet Jamestown, The First Town in America, an indie rock band formed at Yale and comprised of eight Yale students. They’re performing this week at Yale’s Spring Fling, opening for Passion Pit and T-Pain.

April 23, 2012
Film & Television, RISD, Unis

Student Spotlight: Cory Zapatka

A senior at the Rhode Island School of Design majoring in Film/Animation/Video (FAV), Cory Zapatka has decided to shoot his entire degree project on traditional 16mm black and white film—and hand process it himself.

March 29, 2012
Art & Design, Unis, Yale

YUAG: Out of Africa

The motif of Louis Kahn’s sweeping prismatic ceiling unifies the interior of the Yale University Art Gallery. The weighty, interlocking beams travel throughout the museum creating a surprisingly light and airy dynamic. Stepping out of the industrial elevator, I turn to face the museum’s rare collection of African Art. Donated by Charles Benenson, the permanent collection includes over six hundred African artifacts.

March 25, 2012
Art & Design, Unis, Yale

Student Spotlight: Isabella Huffington

Yale sophomore Isabella Huffington is slowly but surely developing the kind of portfolio that gets young artists places. After a sell-out debut exhibition in 2010, Huffington has been busy producing more work, developing an intricate yet striking design sense and selling individual pieces to collectors, all the while taking classes in religious studies and art history. Huffington sat down with OOO last week to discuss where she sees herself going and what the art world can expect from her burgeoning talent.

March 19, 2012
Art & Design, Unis, Yale

Containing Multitudes: Jen Packer at the Study

The worlds of abstract painting and figural drawing combine in Jen Packer’s beautifully realized paintings, on display at The Study at Yale. There is a harsh beauty to the exhibit: bright, almost sour hues, patches of radiant stains and glazes, throbbing with color. The first painting one encounters upon entering the gallery space immediately catches the eye with its huge emerald green shape, roughly reminiscent of an anatomical heart, or a fist.

Art & Design, RISD, Unis

Student Spotlight: Madeleine Jennings

“I am particularly interested in memories—my own as well as those borrowed or inherited—as they relate to spaces and objects.”

Music, Unis, USC

New Blood: An Interview with Lincoln Jesser

Lincoln Jesser is an up-and-coming artist on the electro-pop and hip-hop scene. At only 21 years, Jesser has built a multifaceted career as vocalist/producer/DJ that is on the brink of taking off — and he’s already been signed to the same label that produced Dev and the Cataracs.

Art & Design, Unis, Yale

Behind the Scenes: Renovating the Yale University Art Gallery

“Standing in these fourth floor galleries, which will soon be showing cutting edge exhibitions, I got the sense that the Yale University Art Gallery had arrived. Even amidst the wet paint and the piles of wood beams, the bones of the space are there, restored and rediscovered in their newest iteration.”

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