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Bringing Narcissus to Life with Kevin Calero

With his most recent short film STAGNANT POOL, 26-year-old director Kevin Calero has created a modern adaptation of the myth of Narcissus. Addressing vanity and a generation mesmerized by technology, the film blends cinema, art, and dance into a stunning hybrid unlike anything we’ve seen before.

December 6, 2013
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Film Review: ‘Lovelace’ (2013)

LOVELACE, starring Amanda Seyfriend, exposes the darker truths about the porn star behind the 1972 mainstream phenomenon “Deep Throat.”

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Film Review: ‘The Act of Killing’ (2013)

The day before I saw THE ACT OF KILLING, someone I met at another movie told me it would change my life. He was right.

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‘Natives’ Director Jeremy Hersh on NYU to SXSW

Despite its 20-minute runtime, ‘Natives’ felt as though it marked the beginning of what will be a sterling career for director Jeremy Hersh.

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Film Review: ‘Upstream Color’ (2013)

You can and should sink into ‘Upstream Color.’ Otherwise, it will exhaust you and drag you to its conclusion, not kicking and screaming, but mute with confusion.

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Film Review: Danny Boyle’s ‘Trance’ (2013)

TRANCE, the latest feature from Danny Boyle, is a technically brilliant film that hardly ever ceases to dazzle the eyes and the ears. It is all the more unfortunate, then, that the plot cannot maintain excitement the way the sights, sounds, and acting do.

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Film Review: ‘Arthur Newman’ (2013)

Colin Firth and Emily Blunt star in this tale about two lost souls attempting to flee their former lives. But despite its starry cast, ‘Arthur Newman’ feels just like its eponymous character — shallow.

April 25, 2013
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Film Review: ‘The Evil Dead’ (2013)

‘The Evil Dead,’ Fede Alvarez’s remake of Sam Raimi’s 1981 cult classic of the same name, has the standard stylistic ingredients of the horror genre, but do they succeed?

April 17, 2013

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Roger & Me: Going to the Movies with Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert taught us all what it meant to truly love the movies. In this personal essay, one student reflects on the lessons he learned from Ebert — about writing, about simplicity, and above all, about the movies.

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A Survey of Oscar Post-Season: ‘Sound City’ and ‘Side Effects’ (2013)

The months following the Oscars are usually bogged down by a slew of medio movies. But with a legendary music studio and star-studded cast behind these two films, it’s a wonder why Dave Grohl’s SOUND CITY and Steven Soderbergh’s SIDE FEFECTS were released in Oscar “post-season.”

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